A question we get asked a lot is why there is a waiting period and what does this mean? On this page, we will discuss this topic and explain why funeral cover waiting periods make sense. The first thing we will look at is what a waiting period means. Secondly, we will look at why this is an important matter. This article is based on our own research and experience and is based on our opinion.

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What is a Funeral Cover Waiting Period?

This refers to a time frame where there will be no cover. This in most cases is not very long and will not apply to all events. In most cases, this will be a 6 month period and will only be applicable to natural causes. This means that the waiting period will be relevant in the event of heart attack, cancer, AIDS, etc. If a person passes away due to an accident, this waiting period will not apply. Some providers even pay double in the event of accidental death. This includes getting shot, car accident, drowning, etc. So in short, a waiting period means you have to wait for the policy to start working. Understanding this might raise the question, why does this exist? In the next section, we will explain why there is a waiting period.

Reason Why a Waiting Period Exist

One of the most important things to understand is that when you sign up, you will not be asked to undergo a medical examination. You do not have to answer any medical related questions etc. This means that the provider does not know your health status. They are giving you the benefit of the doubt. They trust that the person you are covering is healthy. In the industry this is also known as underwriting. Funeral cover does not come with underwriting. This is an industry standard. Providers take on the risk that you will not be claiming soon. Once you pass the 6 month waiting period, you will get full cover.

The main aim of this waiting period is to prevent abuse of the system. It prevents people from waiting to the last minute before they take out a policy. If you consider this, a 6 month waiting period does not seem that long. To make up for this, many funeral plans include an accidental death benefit. Not only will accidents be covered from the first premium, you sometimes get a larger payout. For example, with AVBOB, you will receive double the payout amount if you die due to an accident. This amount will be doubled from the inception of the policy.

Is The Waiting Period Transferable?

In most cases, this will not be possible. If you have a policy and you have passed the waiting period, you can’t take out a policy with a new provider and skip this period. In some cases this can be arranged, depending on the provider. In most cases, this will not be possible. Each provider is a separate entity and has to manage their risk. If a policy lapses, you might have to restart your waiting period. This is always up to the provider. It’s important to understand and get this information if you decide to change providers.

Is There a Product Without A Waiting Period?

All the providers we represent have waiting periods. I would be very careful of a product that has no waiting period for natural causes. If you find a product with no waiting period and they do not expect any medical examinations, make sure you research the provider. We are not saying this is something that is not possible, but understanding the risks, it’s unlikely. Just be very cautious about a product like that.


A waiting period is not there to try and cheat you out of your claim. It is there to make sure the product remains viable. Due to the fact that you do not have to go for any tests, the provider must limit risk. 6 months can go by very fast. Before you know it, the waiting period will be over.

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