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Who Is Metropolitan? – Let’s Get Started!

Metropolitan is a company who does not need much of an introduction. Metropolitan is a well-known insurance provider who has been around since 1890. They opened their doors in Cape Town almost 130 years ago. Just the thought of a company who survived this long should give you some peace of mind that they know what they are doing. They offer a wide range of insurance products including funeral cover & life insurance. We cannot express how important it is to make sure you always make use of a trustworthy provider. They offer a straight forward, cash only policy. It comes with some amazing value adding benefits. Policy holders can get from R5 000 to R50 000 cover starting from as little as just R40 p/m.

Are you ready to get a free quote? To get started, all you need to do is complete a contact form. We have a dedicated team of about 25 friendly agents just waiting to serve you. We do all our quotes via telephone. It makes it easier for us to determine your needs. We do not have pushy sales people. Our agents are trained to structure the policy in the best way possible. Once we give you your free quote, you can decide if you want to sign up or not. It does not cost you anything extra to use our service. We are a registered financial services provider. InSHoor™ – FSP# 43216

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  • Cover Levels Range From R5 000 to R50 000

  • Tombstone Benefit

  • Paid-up Benefit

  • Survival Benefit

  • No Medical Examinations or Questions

  • Includes Various Automatic Benefits

  • 6 Month Waiting Period Only for Natural Causes

  • No Waiting Period for Accidental Death

  • Double Payout for Accidental Death

  • Shopping Benefit

  • Valid Claims Paid Within 48 hours.*

  • Cash Only Policy

  • CashBack After Every 5 Years.*

  • Free Benefits Available to all Insured Lives

  • iNkomo Benefit

  • Nationwide Footprint

  • From Just R40 p/m


  • Cover From R5 000 to R50 000

  • Tombstone Benefit

  • Paid-up Benefit

  • Survival Benefit

  • No Medical Examinations

  • Various Automatic Benefits

  • Accidental Death Cover

  • Shopping Benefit

  • Claims Paid Within 48 hours.*

  • Cash Only Policy

  • CashBack After Every 5 Years.*

  • iNkomo Benefit

  • Nationwide Footprint

  • From Just R40 p/m

10 Reasons Why You Need Funeral Cover?

  • Get Many Free & Optional Value Adding Policy Benefits
  • Arrange a Dignifying Burial for Your Loved One
  • Makes Cash Money Available to Your Family Members Quickly
  • Support & Assistance from Policy Service Provider
  • Cover Your Direct & Indirect Family Members on Your Policy
  • Focus on Family While Your Insurance Claim Settles
  • Get Double Payout for Accidental Death
  • Customise Your Insurance Policy to Suit Your Needs
  • Get Peace of Mind That You & Your Family are Insured
  • Get Up to R50 000 Cover From Just R40 Per Month
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How does Metropolitan Funeral Cover Calculate Premiums?

Like most insurance products, the premiums are calculated using a couple of factors. Funeral cover premiums are mostly calculated using the age, cover amount and relationships. Obviously the more cover you take, the high the premium will be. The older a person is, the more you will pay for their share. Each person will have their own premium, depending on the variables. At the end, all the individual premiums will be combined into one. This is the amount you pay every month. You can cover your direct family and up to 9 extended family members.

How to Get a FREE Quote & Sign-Up for a Policy?

We make finding the right funeral cover easy. All you need to do is complete a contact form. All we need is your name, telephone number and email address. We do not send your person details to any third party providers. We handle the process from start to finish. You will speak to the same agent throughout the process. Once we receive your details, we give you a quick call to discuss the options. You can then decide if you want to take out the policy. Once you made up your mind, we will take care of the rest. We do all the hard work so you don’t have to.

What Makes Metropolitan Funeral Cover a Good Choice?

One of the reasons why we suggest Metropolitan Funeral Cover is trust. Nobody wants to worry when it’s time to claim on a policy. This is a cash only policy. This does not mean you do not get various benefits. All it means is Metropolitan does not take care of funeral arrangements. They pay a cash amount to the beneficiary. The money can be spent in any way deemed fit. There are a lot of advantages of a cash only benefit.

A benefit of a cash only policy is you have a lot of freedom. You can decide where you want the money to go. By this we mean you can use multiple funeral services providers. For example, you can buy the tombstone from one provider and the coffin from another. This means that you can find the best deal on every product and service you need. Although this a more advanced way of arranging a burial, it’s a very effective way. You do not need to have any other Metropolitan products to qualify for a funeral plan. This is a stand-alone product.

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Policy Benefits & Features

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Accidental Death Benefit

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Shopping Benefit

iNkomo Icon

iNkomo Benefit

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48 Hour Claims

Tombstone Icon

Tombstone Benefit

Paid-Up Icon

Paid-Up Benefit

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Survival Benefit

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Cashback Benefit

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8 Reasons to Choose a Metropolitan Funeral Policy

  • Get Quality Cover from One of the Top Providers in SA

  • Metropolitan, a division of the JSE Listed MMI Holdings
  • Metropolitan has Branches in Africa & Countrywide
  • Valid Claims Are Settled Quickly Within 48 Hours.*
  • Policy Includes Many Value Adding Benefits
  • They have more than 130 Years’ Experience in the Industry.

  • They are one of SA largest Financial Services Companies
  • They are Africa’s largest Mutual Assurance Society providing

Cash Only Option vs Funeral Benefits

We offer two kinds of unreal insurance. Depending on the provider, you can get a policy that includes funeral services, or just cash. The correct product depends on your needs. Both have their own set of advantages. In this section, we will look at the main differences.

Cash with Benefits Policy

Cash with benefits refer to a policy that includes funeral services. This means that you can get all the burial products and services from the same provider. This is an easy way to get everything done as hassle free as possible. A provider that offers this kind of policy will usually offer everything you need from under one roof. In most cases, you can get a tombstone, coffin, fresh flowers, catering etc. from the same provider. The insured amount will be used to arrange everything. All money that remains will be made available to the beneficiary.

Cash Only Policy

A cash only policy means you do not get burial services included in the policy. It does not mean you do not get value adding benefits. Most cash only funeral plans will have a wide range of benefits to make the product unique. In some cases, extra money will be paid to take care of airtime, groceries and even education. These benefits are designed to make the product more attractive. It’s important to always make sure the benefits actually add value and are not there to lure you into taking a policy.

Frequently Asked Questions

To see the answer below, simply click on the + logo.
Can I Get A Policy If I’m Sick?2018-08-21T12:45:07+00:00

There are no medical examinations or medical questions. This means that regardless of your health status, your acceptance is guaranteed. Please remember that there is a 6 month waiting period for death due to natural causes. This is to stop people from taking out a policy last minute. Accidental death will be covered from the first premium.

How Do I Submit a Claim?2018-08-21T12:23:13+00:00

To claim you need to contact your provider directly. Most providers have very easy to complete claim procedures. In most cases, you will have access to a 24 hour telephone line that offers assistance in the event of a claim. Your provider will let you know exactly what they need to get the process started. Once you submit all the documents, claims can settle as quickly as 48 hours. Some providers settle claims in a couple of hours.

Can I Make Changes to My Policy Later?2018-08-21T12:22:39+00:00

You sure can. You can increase or decrease cover. You can also add or remove members. All you need to do is contact us and we will assist you with any required changes.

Are There Age Limits?2018-08-21T12:21:52+00:00

It depends on the product. With most providers, a normal policy will cover you up to around the age of 76. Some providers have elderly policies that will cover up to the age of 86. For people who are older, there are some providers that offer a pre-paid funeral option. The older you are the more expensive it becomes to take out protection. We always suggest that you take cover sooner rather than later.

What Happens if I Don’t Have A Policy?2018-08-21T12:21:24+00:00

Unfortunately this is a reality for many South Africans. The family usually has to resort to employers, friends & family. This can be very stressful. When someone you love passes away, the last thing you want is to try and find donations. If you do not have a policy, this might be the only way to arrange a decent burial. Funerals are expensive, not everybody can afford it on the spot. An insurance policy can help you be prepared at all times.

Who Needs This Policy?2018-08-21T12:20:59+00:00

The short answer is everybody. The long answer is also everybody. If you do not have some form of funeral insurance, you are at risk. Death can happen to any person of any age. Death does not only happen to the elderly. In South Africa, we often hear about deaths due to accidents or even murder. Regardless of your age, the responsible thing to do is be prepared.

Is There Cashback if I Don’t Claim?2018-08-21T12:20:35+00:00

There is a cashback benefit every 5 years. This feature will pay 12 months premiums every 5 years of no claims. The money will be paid back to the premium payer. This money can be used for saving, buying something nice or even a quick holiday. This is one of the many ways the provider likes to thank you for your loyalty. settle claims in less than 24.

Is There a Waiting Period?2018-08-21T12:19:50+00:00

There is a 6 month waiting period for natural causes. This means that if you die due to illness within the first 6 months, there will unfortunately not be cover. However, if you die due to an accident, you will be covered from the first premium. As a matter of fact, you receive double the amount of cover if you die due to an accident. The reason for this waiting period is there are no medical examinations. It stops people from taking out a policy while they are on their death bed. The provider gives clients the benefit of the doubt. This is an industry standard.

Who Can I Include in My Policy?2018-08-21T12:19:20+00:00

You can include your direct family. This means your spouse, children & parents. You can also cover up to 6 extended family members. This means, uncle, sister, cousin, etc. With AVBOB you only pay for one child, the rest will be for free. As long as it’s your own kids, they fall under this feature.

What is the Purpose of Funeral Covers?2018-08-21T12:23:37+00:00

When a person passes away, it costs money to bury them. In some cases, the family will have to scrape together money for a funeral service. An average to small funeral can easily cost R15 000. This is a lot of money if you have to pay it without warning. A funeral cover policy will make money available within 48 hours after you claim. This makes money available quickly.

Fantastic experience. The agent was very knowledgeable and helped a lot.
Warren, Gauteng
I can honestly say this was the best service I received in a very long time. Thank you very much.
Patrick, Gauteng
I can now rest assured that my family is covered. The agent was extremely friendly.
Priscilla, Eastern Cape
I got a call minutes after applying. The process was quick and easy.
Thabang, Durban
Well done to the team. I appreciate your help in finding the right policy.
Ntombi, Limpopo


Metropolitan is a provider you can trust. They offer a fantastic cash only product with some great benefits.Added benefits include extra payouts for shopping, a tombstone other great benefits. They are a JSE top 100 company and classified as one of the largest financial services companies in South Africa. You can get up to R50 000 cover starting from just R40 per month.

If you are unsure or have any questions, feel free to let us know. If you want to get more info or a free quote, just complete a contact form. There is no obligation. We give you a free quote and answer all your questions. If you are comfortable and satisfied with the cost, we do the rest. It does not cost you more to get cover using our service. We can arrange everything for you from the comfort of your home. We are an award winning brokerage and treat our clients like royalty.

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